Crooked House

Check out these pictures of artist Ann Hamilton installation of giant swing at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. If I lived in New York, so I would be here right now. That sounds like a strange and wonderful for relieving stress. There are a lot of fluctuations hanging from roof in this place, as well as floating giant curtain that you see there. As the oscillations move, they move curtain. Apparently, there are also radios wrapped in paper bags scattered around. When you pick them up and listen, you can hear people reading.

I want a job doing things like that.

Posted by Stephany Aulenback December 11, 2012 at 17:40 in Art, Bright Ideas, From the Department of Stopping to smell the flowers | PermalinkComments (0) I just discovered this painting Portrait of Madame X by John Singer Sargent on Pinterest, where I pinned on my board called nose. (This is a board dedicated to interesting people with prominent noses and / or interesting. You think I had too much time on my hands.) Want to know the identity of the lady, I searched. Virginie Am̩lie Gautreau is a Parisian socialite and notorious beauty from New Orleans, and this elegant beautiful painting was his loss Рshe had to withdraw from the company after it was shown. Sargent and had to leave Paris. Confessions of a Shopaholic Art unrepentant:

So what caused such a scandal with Mrs. X that Sargent could not find commissions and soon had to move to London? According to Mary Alexander was the belt and jewelry. Let me explain. Sargent painted Madame. X in the notorious black dress with straps jewels. She shows her wedding ring showing it against her black satin skirt. She also wears the smallest tiaras, barely there, in the form of a crescent moon: the symbol of Diana, goddess of hunting. In the 1880s, nobody wanted to wear evening dress without jewelry, earrings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces. The fact that Mrs. X has only his wedding ring and a tiara on, suggests that it is at home from a party and took off his outer and jewelry. The wedding ring is important, however, intentionally. When the original Sargent showed the work in 1884, right strap Ms. X was painted so that it fell from her shoulders, baring his chest suggestively. As Ms. Alexander noted, while these standards change completely within a few years, in 1884, the only contemporary works depicting women in such states of undress, Toulouse Lautrec paintings and drawings of prostitutes. Mrs. X display in such a state missed the opportunity to be expected at a portrait of society. Simple as that, says Alexander.

Through letters between Mrs. X and Sargent, Ms. Alexander has shown that the guardian initially pleased with the portrait, but found the process tedious to ask for it, so we know his first reaction to the work was not the reason for his infamy. Ms. Alexander said that because it showed the matron Parisian society in a state of nudity and posed as Diana the Huntress, with her haughty, aristocratic bearing, he lacked the dignity that Parisians expected celebrity portraits. Although there is a long tradition in the French portrait portray aristocrats as classic heroes or goddesses, it was not Mrs. X as a goddess. His crown and his reference to Diana referring to it as a huntress / seductress, not the incarnation of a goddess classic, and the strap fell off her shoulder and arm supporting enhanced potency of the image, but which seemed acceptable even for child care until the picture was exhibited at the Salon of 1884.

Creating a library of fashion

Fashion is more than clothes and labels. Often, it is also autobiographical both the designer and the period within which the clothes are made – things that can not always be made clear by looking at the pieces. Fortunately, there are a multitude of books on specific types of clothing and designers that offer a lot of information, clothing, admire and ideas for your next project. These books are not cheap, unfortunately, but all are worth their weight in gold.1. Evening Dress by Alexandra Black is catnip for those who find themselves wishing they could return to school for the chance to wear a prom dress again. This book covers evening gowns 1920s flapper dresses with everything from Dior. A review of the Amazon states that the lack of mention of the Edwardian era is a weakness, but it depends on their personal interests. If you are convinced to take this book for no other reason that it is the wonderful photography that adorns almost every page.2. Lanvin by Dean Merceron is a massive (5.4 pounds!) The history of the famous French label that extends from its foundation by Jeanne Lanvin Alber Elbaz its current leader. It is, however, sadly incomplete because attention is not is given to the transition period post-and pre-Elbaz Lanvin (including Claude Montana, famous dismissed as director of design after one season). It is, however, a resource for learning and Elbaz Lanvin because it is near exclusivelyfull color photographs of each designer work3. Chanel by Harold Koda is an essential resource for fans of French fashion, because it pays attention to all periods of Chanel and contains several informative texts on topics such as the ideals of modern dress and Chanel Chanel perfumes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has sponsored the exhibition this book is intended to accompany, has an impressive collection of vintage Chanel photographed in detail on a white background so that each piece can be discussed freely on each page. The first book I read Chanel and the first time I would suggest to anyone.

Rare Vintage Dior Treasures are the perfect way to celebrate summer

When then-unknown Christian Dior presented his first collection extravagant February 12, 1947 at a workshop in Paris on Avenue Montaigne, Carmel Snow, the editor of the famous Harper’s Bazaar, said excitedly: It is a new look! Fashion misses, the post-war public was eager to regain their femininity romantic and frivolous, Dior and timing was impeccable. Organized by vintage expert and former New York Times fashion critic Holly Brubach (which shares some tips on shopping for vintage like a pro below), the collection will include clothes and accessories Dior choices previously hidden away in collections Private in Europe and the United States, from the sale of goods and auction houses such as Christie prestigious New York Jacassi Franco in Milan.

Silk shantung jacket lined with a fringe elaborate organza and early 1960s cocktail dress Haute Couture Collection Spring Summer 1967, it belonged to Maria Felix, the legendary film star of the 1940s and 1950s, which was also famous for his intense performance as his personal style. A devotee Dior, exotic beauty was a regular workshop avenue Montaigne. The dress was bought at Christie’s New York, which held a special auction dedicated to the sale of certain personal belongings of the famous actress.

A large necklace owned by the famous fashion journalist Adriana Grassi, corresponding publications such as Wear Daily magazine and Gap, composed of stone amethyst crystal clear rhinestones size and 1960s. Dior accessories are statement items themselves, says Brubach. Whether paired with jeans, a dress or an evening dress, earrings or crystal starburst brooch gold tone metal with studs are really eye catching pieces that can bring elegance to n ‘any outfit.

All designers have their ups and downs, says Brubach, noting that his climax was undoubtedly the New Look, but I

do not think Dior had a bad collection. And if you do not know what to buy, you get bragging rights for your fashion in-the-know savvy. Accessories are an easy and affordable way to sass up any outfit, while a dress or suit chic and trendy are practically tested. Offline, the best vintage can be found in places where chic fashionistas love to dress up for a myriad of chic evening without wearing the same thing twice, and then resell or deliver the contents of their wardrobe regularly. In Williamsburg, try Cupboard Beacon, or head to East 7th Street East Village NYC Vintage Row. In Paris, the epicenter of the 9th arrondissement fab vintage.

What accessories go best with a vintage dress?

Those who are not of the same period. It is important to compare the old and the new, and if the costume has a great presence, not to choose accessories that are self-important and compete with him.

What is the best place to buy old?

Online! Vintage landscape has been transformed by the Internet, making unique pieces to an eager public. It is always useful to tour the dealers, but it requires a lot of work in the field and the best of them are scattered in too many cities for one person to cover.

How should thought be cleaned and maintained?

Carefully! Find the best cleaner where you live, with a reputation for handling high fashion and familiarity with different materials. Most fanatical collectors store their clothes in boxes acid free tissue paper to preserve the elements that are worthy of a museum. But hang antiques you wear is often fine.

If I buy vintage I look old?

No, but it is a common fear. The key is to mix. It requires a certain confidence to carry off vintage. Perhaps that is why it is often associated with women who have a lot of style.

How do you know if you have reached an agreement with vintage pieces?

It is useful to know a little history, which is easily accessible. Regarding the pricing is concerned, you can search for similar items by the same designers were sold. But because the pieces are often one-of-a-kind and demand is competitive, the basic rule is the same as any other thing in fashion: if you like it enough, it’s worth the price … .

Some designers like Emilio Pucci, clothing specializing in resorts and easily translate their eyes in hot climates and seasons. Others, such as Balenciaga, were best known for their coats and suits, looks more structured. Accessories are a great way to incorporate a vintage summer wardrobe. Experiment with vintage jewelry, handbags and scarves to add an accent to the latest clothes in a way that is stylish and personal.

Dress codes in London

Apart from Glyndebourne, the dress code (black tie) is here, no place has a dress code official. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, and most people do. Even at the Glyndebourne Festival, there are always people in less formal attire.

At the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, most people dress warmly enough (in the week, many come straight from the office). But you will not be thrown out wearing jeans and dresses casually many. A few people wear in the evening, but nowadays it is rare. He is dressed much less here than most opera houses in continental Europe. A suit for men and a suit or dress for women is a great value.

Much the same applies to the English National Opera at the Coliseum, unless there is an even greater proportion of casual buffets. It can get very hot and stuffy here in warm weather.

Opera Holland Park is similar. Here, keep in mind the semi-outdoor location affects the temperature.

As with other major music sites and classical opera, the Barbican, the Royal Festival Hall, Wigmore Hall and Sadlers Wells, wear smart casual or office is on the agenda, unless it is an event as a special gala concert or birthday, in which case he took it up a notch. All drawers elegant bar are likely to be members of the orchestra on a break.

None of these sites have good temperature control, so it is best to wear layers you can take off in summer or winter add. Wigmore Hall in particular, has a bad air conditioning system that blows air alternate hot and cold, regardless of temperature or season.

The only things you see are not really beach wear and sports kit, even in hot weather.

Unless of course the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. Although the seating areas are smarter than the arena standing, everything is here, especially because summer weather and 5000 organizations transform the auditorium into a smoking cauldron foul where comfort should be the primary consideration.

What not to wear – Dress Codes in London

In response to several requests, here is what I want, this is an exhaustive list of what to wear when in the London area classical music and opera scene.

Apart from Glyndebourne, the dress code (black tie) is here, no place has a dress code official. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, and most people do. Even at the Glyndebourne Festival, there are always people in less formal attire.

At the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, most people dress warmly enough (in the week, many come straight from the office). But you will not be thrown out wearing jeans and dresses casually many. A few people wear in the evening, but nowadays it is rare. He is dressed much less here than most opera houses in continental Europe. A suit for men and a suit or dress for women is a great value.

Much the same applies to the English National Opera at the Coliseum, unless there is an even greater proportion of casual buffets. It can get very hot and stuffy here in warm weather.

Opera Holland Park is similar. Here, keep in mind the semi-outdoor location affects the temperature.

As with other major music sites and classical opera, the Barbican, the Royal Festival Hall, Wigmore Hall and Sadlers Wells, wear smart casual or office is on the agenda, unless it is an event as a special gala concert or birthday, in which case he took it up a notch. All drawers elegant bar are likely to be members of the orchestra on a break.

None of these sites have good temperature control, so it is best to wear layers you can take off in summer or winter add. Wigmore Hall in particular, has a bad air conditioning system that blows air alternate hot and cold, regardless of temperature or season.

The only things you see are not really beach wear and sports kit, even in hot weather.

Unless of course the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. Although the seating areas are smarter than the arena standing, everything is here, especially because summer weather and 5000 organizations transform the auditorium into a smoking cauldron foul where comfort should be the primary consideration.

Long evening dress for an attractive look

The ground-sweeping evening gowns are long enough that you wear to social events where there will be less movement and more conversation. Of course, these robes should be right fabric and perfectly adapted to all your leading features. Long evening dresses are widely available in all kinds of stores and malls as also online – so it should be easy for you to choose the one you like.

Evening dresses are available in different colors and designs, and you will have to spend time to choose the one that best suit your body contours. In general, simple evening dresses simple long color can be good to wear for solemn occasions while a gown dazzling in multiple colors can be your choice for spectacular events.

If this is a solemn occasion where all guests may appear conservative, then cover your shoulders with a shawl may be appropriate. Otherwise, you can go for styles like sexy side split, side cutouts, bare shoulders and all other types that expose more skin.

Evening dresses are available in abundance in several formats such as rope, halter, strapless, spaghetti straps, V neck, etc. – but it is the shape of your body that should dictate what dress styles and cuts will flatter your appearance.

Choose a dress for one shoulder look calmer and choose to go strapless if you want to look sexy and provocative – the choice is yours. When wearing evening dresses, you must selectively add accessories such as handbags, punches, belts, gloves, etc. to enhance the effect. To highlight your evening dress long you should wear the right kind of shoes. Choose a shoe color that matches the color of your evening dress.

It is recommended that you also properly change your hair style whenever you wear an evening dress to look refreshingly different. You can choose to look chic with your hair in a bun or appear with a square mod short look even more beautiful and attractive with light hair left free.

If you have budget constraints, then it is better to buy a long evening dress made of polyester or other synthetic fabric. If you can afford to spend a little more generous, you can choose rich fabrics like silk, velvet or chiffon.

But the fact is that you look adorable in a long dress that fits perfectly to the shape of your body. It is useful to remember that the long dresses elegant wear experienced by the official time for a woman who will never go out of style and the money you spend to buy a long evening gown is a good investment.

Lesbian couples’ adopted 11 year old boy wants to be a girl

You, perhaps, like me, wonder how difficulties will influence or change the self-esteem of young people when mom and dad are both lesbians. this story gives an overview.

We know that young boys want to be like dad and they look at the relationship between mom and dad that establishes an expectation of what family like young children. But we do not have a long history of consequences that may arise in the normal development of the male child when women that lesbians play dads. It is not normal. Dads, like it or not, play a major role in the education of boys and young men, moreover, girls too. Lesbians are not normally feel safe or even want to trust men. Is this lack of confidence affects how a boy falls in a lesbian family?

What we can all learn from this story is that the boys and girls under 5 years soon learn from what they see through their eyes and words that circulate in their ears. this very new information reaches the brain, forming the hard wiring of the identity of young children to become. This new information from the environment – sights and sounds – are like the blacksmith’s hammer on hot steel to form a flexible metal crest. For young people, what they see and hear causes what is called the hard wiring of the brain. The environment is very powerful and influential, shaping their vision of their newly discovered world. What hard wiring will take shape in a 2 year old boy who, in this case, was adopted and wired by a couple of lesbians?

But it is not always a couple of lesbians. I had a grandmother who thought I wanted to be a girl because apparently what I said at the age of 5 years. She gave me an evening dress chiffon purple and as a consequence of this dress a certain and events that followed, I struggled for 35 years against alcohol and drug abuse and gender identity, eventually undergo a sex change surgery to live like Laura Jensen for 8 years. This dress chiffon purple began 63 years of torment, disillusionment, regret, pain and put me on a very difficult road to recovery that will unfortunately not end until my death.

Suggesting, encouraging or helping boys become girls in any way, shape or form be considered the most heinous crimes of childhood, such as kidnapping and sexual abuse. He should be punished by the loss of parental rights and at least 20 years in prison. I spent 63 years in prison, my personal imposed by the suggestion that I should be a girl. My parents encouraged or discouraged this behavior, they just let me play around the way I wanted.

Am I transgendered? Is this the beginning of a long and arduous path of self-doubt and hormone treatments? No, I’m gay. (The dresses had little to do with it), but have no problems on my cock. I think the blame you place on your grandmother’s excess crude and from what I read here, seems to be a way to not deal with the responsibility for your own actions and choices.

Custom made Bridal Gown Wedding Dress A Line Bridesmaid V-neck mermaid lace organza white flower Sash Bow formal evening dress

This shop is running by myself. I’m a big fan of fashion dress when I was little, and then I went to college and choose the design as my major. I started to make the dress after I graduated 3 years ago. I have my little workshop where I put my sewing machine, sewing kit and my favorite fabric, beads collections.

I made dresses for the wedding of my best friends and they all love. Then I got an idea why not give all the ladies in the world my beautiful dress at affordable prices. So here I am.


I have wide selections of dress fabric that is collected in these three years. You can find chiffon, satin, silk, lace, taffeta, netting, organza etc.


I have all the fabric in almost all commonly used colors as well as unique and rare colors so you can contact me for chat color.

How long can I get my dress

Since I made the dress alone, it takes about 10-12 days to make and another week for delivery. If you are running, please let me know and I will work day and night to ensure you get your dress fast and free advanced.

Can I have a different length or color to match your dress sample

Yes, all my dresses listed in my store are available for the alternation in length and colors.

Can I create my own dress

Yes, of course. We are more than willing to share your thoughts on the dress. You can contact us for your dress idea or you can draw a sketch or send us pictures of your desired gown.

What is your return policy

I try the best to make each dress. In case you do not like, we can do it again if you need or a full refund will be offered

Our goal

Here you will find the most beautiful dress and the best deal you ever found. We 100% guarantee the quality and your satisfaction. Remake, a full refund is always available.

Different uses and applications of metal casting

Metal casting is an old technique, which includes a number of purposes and applications. With the discovery of different types of metals and industrialization, the customization process metals has become important. Procedures for metal casting and evolved to new heights with industries increasingly emerging in the field. In addition, the process requires less set up cost and minimum skills. There are different types of casting procedures and involves a variety of purposes and applications.

Purposes and uses of the base casting of metals

The popularity of metal casting has increased manifold in recent years. It is widely used for making practical devices, jewelry sets, art and religious objects. Several forms of distribution are involved in this process and the most common of them include sand casting. Sand molds are used for pouring the molten metal and allowed to dry. The mold is then removed for metals in various forms. Some of the most important uses and applications of metal casting are as follows.

Art: One of the most important applications of metal casting is the purpose of art. Various statues and sculptures created by artists using metals. Statues of desired shapes and sizes can be made using this process.

Fonte: This process involves the production of iron with cast iron molecules. Cast iron is an effective technique for the manufacture of various products of iron. These products can be used in both commercial and domestic. It can be used to make items both small and large quite easily. Most of these items are used for construction in major industries.

Jewelery sets: Another application of this procedure includes the manufacture of different types of jewelry. Jewelry made from such a process tends to be quite fragile and requires a lot of care. Detailed and complex patterns are made on these jewels and it is often very expensive.

Sand Casting: Another application process using sand for casting purposes. It is generally used to make items with the largest metals such as bronze, plastic, aluminum and bronze. It is known to be the most economical and easy.

Tools and Materials: Since the process is quite simple, it can be done at home or in the yard. Ovens and molds can be easily created by the same process. Different types of tools can be made at home with this simple technique.

Brass casting: Another application melting brass with brass melted to make various items made from pure copper. Different types of musical instruments are used with this procedure. Parts, trumpets, etc. can also be made with this simple method.

Metal casting requires dedication and the utmost care that accidents are inevitable when the molten metal is poured into molds. The melting point of some of the metals is beyond 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very important to use safety equipment such as gloves and safety combinations to avoid fatal accidents.

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Creative sewing

Designer Inspiration – Austin Scarlett

Sheath evening dress is made of red silk dupioni lined with silk white porcelain with a thigh-high slit in the front and a zipper in the back. It is decorated with hand applied white silk flowers embellished with sequins Royal. Dress fits Fashion Royalty, Barbie, Silkstone, and other 11 1/2 inch dolls.

This charming dress style jacket is made of white cotton with all different types of playing cards scattered everywhere. It is also lined with white cotton and embellished straps contrasted red band at both the bust and bottom. The dress closes in the back with a zipper and hook. Ellowyne is wearing just a date night

Dress made to fit Ellowyne, will also fit Tyler.

Mode only. Doll and shoes not included.

Insurance is mandatory and is included with the shipment.

All TN residents must pay sales tax. $ 35.00

This mode consists of sexy dress flirty little wrap and shoes. The strapless dress is made of red silk dupioni. It has a halter neck with trim bra and ruffled inset. It is embellished with sequins hand sewn and knotted. The flirty little skirt is gathered red and white printed taffeta. The envelope is made of the same impression as the skirt is gathered.

Come Out pastel dresses in different styles

Prom dresses are the perfect choice for girls to show their beautiful body shapes and personal tone. You can find many dresses color all over the streets. Color is an important element for prom dresses that you take. And there will be different color styles for each year. What color is definitely popular for this summer 2012? Each beautiful lady style special color itself. Thus, the major evening dresses and perfect colors are combined fashion trends and personal style.

One of the hottest colors for 2012 prom dresses color is pastel. The pastel colors are definitely amazing and look great in the summer. If you prefer light colors like pink, lilac or blue, you are sure to find the pastel evening dresses for your summer parties and proms. Pastel dresses can also leave a dyed orange, beige and pale.

Pastel dresses can come in many different styles such as autograph ply belted sleeveless dress pink prom. Length yellow prom dress is incredibly versatile vibrant and comfortable to wear for all your special moments. Of course, you can also find other more chic dresses in pastel pale color that can flatter your body curves and shape as well. Just make sure the color can highlight and add to your beauty.

If you do not like light colors, there are also many other options for you to choose.

The dresses can be accessorized with beads and sequins. Drawings detailing can be combined to make pastel dresses perfectly.

If you’re going to a music festival or another celebrity, pastel summer dress check may be one of your choice. A sundress multi colored gypsy style is really great.

There are several ways to find the headlights pastel dresses cheap formal fashion styles. You can find clothes fashion savvy in the characteristics of the Internet. There is a seasonal collection of prom dresses pastel fashion this summer. Dresses found from the Internet could be in your budget.

There are many stand prom dresses on our online shop that offers elegant dresses summer pastel Homecoming expensive. You can find dresses in various styles that are made from different materials such as cotton, taffeta, silk, chiffon and others. But if the holding is not good, this could be a major problem. Just as it is important to dress appropriately for a workplace. Online shopping for watches for men and women is a convenient and economical way to. In fact, it is the latest trend among women these days is that adorn most women. There are many products that can help transform. They can add that special factor in their personality that can give them a modern and glamorous. Buying a pair of designer shoes f. However, wearing a bra bad types can cause many problems. Therefore, it is important. Convention T-shirts are becoming very popular and are a special event t-shirts. Choosing the right company for t-shirt principles.